A of M, 65-67: A parasite’s parasite’s parasite

AofM 65-67

To see the unhappy rivalry of our times, a man bend all his forces, means, time, fortunes, to be a favourite’s favourite’s favourite, etc., a parasite’s parasite’s parasite, that may scorn the servile world as having enough already.

My daughter “helped” me with this one and asked for something pink.

And it turns out that educators and academics have been drastically underpaid for four hundred years:

To see a scholar crouch and creep to an illiterate peasant for a meal’s meat; a scrivener better paid for an obligation; a falconer receive greater wages than a student; a lawyer get more in a day than a philosopher in a year, better reward for an hour, than a scholar for a twelvemonth’s study; him that can paint Thais, play on a fiddle, curl hair, etc., sooner get preferment than a philologer or a poet.


This post is part of a long, tedious, and illustrated read-along of Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy – more info here and follow along on Facebook here

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