A of M, 91-94: I should have paid more attention

AofM 91-94

This section was really pretty dull, to be honest. It was four pages of stuff like this:

Some, saith Acosta, would have a passage cut from Panama to Nombre de Dios in America; but Thuanus and Serres the French historians speak of a famous aqueduct in France, intended in Henry the Fourth’s time, from the Loire to the Seine, and from Rhodanus to the Loire. The like to which was formerly assayed by Domitian the emperor, from Arar to Moselle, which Cornelius Tacitus speaks of in the 13 of his annals, after by Charles the Great and others. (94)

If I had paid attention I probably would have learned something. But I have pinkeye and it is very distracting, so I drew pinkeye. You might say, how does an adult get pinkeye? And I would say, clearly you do not have small children.


This post is part of a long, tedious, and illustrated read-along of Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy – more info here and follow along on Facebook here


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