LIST: Famous Actors Who Once Appeared in Unsolved Mysteries Reenactments

1. Matthew McConaughey, episode 141. 2. ??? Link here but fyi I think this particular unsolved mystery is really kind of disturbing even when delivered via a cheesy reenactment starring the “alright alright alright” guy from Dazed and Confused. It is now a solved mystery, thank heavens. I watch a lot of Unsolved Mysteries, because it is really […]

A of M, 45-47: Sottish beetles

  That is not a typo. Sottish, not Scottish, meaning like a sot – stupid, possibly intoxicated. Continuing with the uplifting topic of the world’s madness, Burton describes the various failings and hypocrisies of so-called “wise men.” He calls Pythagoras a half-wizard half-witch and that sort of thing, concluding: “If these men now, that held Zenodotus’ […]