Anatomy of Melancholy , 154-157: Of the Soul and her Faculties, continued

  The common division of the soul is into three principal faculties–vegetal, sensitive, and rational, which make three distinct kinds of living creatures–vegetal plants, sensible beasts, rational men. How these three principal faculties are distinguished and connected, Humano ingenio inaccessum videtur, is beyond human capacity, as Taurellus, Philip, Flavins, and others suppose. The inferior may […]

LIST: Famous Actors Who Once Appeared in Unsolved Mysteries Reenactments

1. Matthew McConaughey, episode 141. 2. ??? Link here but fyi I think this particular unsolved mystery is really kind of disturbing even when delivered via a cheesy reenactment starring the “alright alright alright” guy from Dazed and Confused. It is now a solved mystery, thank heavens. I watch a lot of Unsolved Mysteries, because it is really […]

A of M, 45-47: Sottish beetles

  That is not a typo. Sottish, not Scottish, meaning like a sot – stupid, possibly intoxicated. Continuing with the uplifting topic of the world’s madness, Burton describes the various failings and hypocrisies of so-called “wise men.” He calls Pythagoras a half-wizard half-witch and that sort of thing, concluding: “If these men now, that held Zenodotus’ […]