Devon Sherman

Artist and Illustrator, more or less


Hi, my name is Devon and I likeIMG_3719 to do drawings.

I have pink hair. Yes, it is my natural color.

I nearly finished a PhD in literature, except for that dissertation bit.

I guess I still might finish it but probably not.

I like reading very long, often boring, peculiar, and obscure books.

I have kids. One is bigger, one is smaller.

I live in Brooklyn.

I have some melancholic tendencies that were exacerbated by the 2016 presidential election and 2020’s pandemic.

I am pretty good at being happy nonetheless.

I like cats.

I like bats.

Credentials, if you must: BA English & Film Studies, Stanford University / MA Literatures in English, Rutgers University New Brunswick / ABD Rutgers for LIFE

I have one academic publication of which I am not super proud. It’s on the Internet. See if you can find it. I DARE YOU.

I guess my website is more or less about all of these things. Plus some other things probably. I like most things except TED talks and Aaron Sorkin shows.