Anatomy of Melancholy, 292-300 — Pt. I, Sec. 2, Mem. III, Subsect. 14 — Philautia, or Self-love, Vainglory, Praise, Honour, Immoderate Applause, Pride, overmuch Joy, etc., Causes (Monks)

You know who else is mad with vainglory and philautia? Monks! Hypocritical monk self-love is one of the most vexing problems facing the modern world. Monks are “insensibly mad, and know not of it, such as contemn all praise and glory, think themselves most free whenas indeed they are most mad.” I’m mostly kidding about […]

Anatomy of Melancholy, 287-292 — Pt. I, Sec. 2, Mem. III, Subsect. 13 — Love of Gaming, etc., and Pleasures Immoderate, Causes (Hawking, Hunting, Gaming)

“They do persecute beasts so long, till in the end they themselves degenerate into beasts.” Once again, I was about to move on from this section and make some goddamned progress, but then I didn’t because I drew another goddamned picture. Maybe “immoderate desire of hawking and hunting” is an archaic source of melancholic debauchery, […]