A of M, 18-19: I had kind of a bad day and it is hard to draw a spleen that doesn’t look like s***

AofM 18-19-2

My drawing for pages 18-19 did not turn out well. If you try draw a spleen in sunglasses, it will generally look like one of the California Raisins. This is just a piece of advice in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

In my defense, I was having a bad day. After dropping my son off at daycare, I headed over to work at my daughter’s school library for the day. On the way, I noticed that I was bleeding from a cut on my finger. You know you are having an awesome day when you have an open wound and you have no idea when it happened or how much blood you have gotten on which things. Also I had no band-aids, tissues, or wipes. That is how you know that I am a TERRIBLE PARENT. The situation was doubly bad because I had snot flowing like a river out of my nose. I also had a fever and had not eaten anything since 7pm the night before and was more than a tad woozy. So I showed up to volunteer at a library for children looking (and acting) like an oozing bloody zombie. If you are worried about the children, I promise it was only this bad in my head. Mostly. It turns out that children are easily distracted by my pink hair, and they were generally happy just to make pink-related small talk.

So after all that, I came home and drew a pretty bad picture of a spleen at the beach to illustrate this quote: “Your fond heats have been, How oft! the objects of my mirth and spleen.”

You know what? One of the nice things about the current state of American politics is that it really puts things in perspective. My day was not that bad, not bad at all in fact. What is an actual bad day? Being deported. No more EPA. But I am going to stop that now, because this blog’s original goal was to make us feel better about stuff.

Oh, and according to Galen, etc. a melancholic temperament proceeds from an excess of spleen. That is why there is so much spleen talk in The Anatomy of Melancholy.

Here is the bad picture:

AofM 18-19

God that is embarrassing. At best it looks like a California Raisin. I can think of worse things to call it.

If you are too young or too old to know who the California Raisins are, here is a picture for comparison:


I will do better next week, maybe.

I will read pages 20-23 for Monday, March 13. From then on it will be 3-4 pages with a picture every single day.


  1. I hope you feel better quickly! It’s hard to parent small children when you’re sick! I liked Robin’s dream yesterday!

  2. Devon, I want to be an “oozing bloody zombie” with green snot pouring out of my nose. Am I too old? What would Robert Burton say? I dunno, because I ordered a copy of AofM and it isn’t here yet…. FLUV your drawings. Please be thinking about a children’s book.

    1. My oozing bloody zombie feeling might be the equivalent of Burton feeling particularly spleen-y. I do have some ideas for children’s books, but they may have to wait a year or two at least 🙂

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