A of M, 24-26: Dunghills

AofM 24-26

This is a picture of a dunghill, because Burton just won’t shut up about them. It feels like there is at least one dunghill on every page.

“And for those other faults of barbarism, Doric dialect, extemporanean style, tautologies, apish imitation, a rhapsody of rags gathered together from several dung-hills, excrements of authors, toys and fopperies confusedly tumbled out, without art, invention, judgment, wit, learning, harsh, raw, rude, phantastical, absurd, insolent, indiscreet, ill-composed, indigested, vain, scurrile, idle, dull, and dry; I confess all (’tis partly affected), thou canst not think worse of me than I do of myself.”

I can’t have good ideas every day.

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