A of M, 99-101: We are not born ourselves alone

AofM 99-101

So it turns out that this whole public healthcare thing isn’t some new wackadoo idea dreamed up just yesterday by liberal ‘Merica. Burton’s utopia would have:

Hospitals of all kinds, for children, orphans, old folks, sick men, mad men, soldiers, pest-houses, etc. not built precario, or by gouty benefactors, who, when by fraud and rapine they have extorted all their lives, oppressed whole provinces, societies, etc. give something to pious uses, build a satisfactory alms-house, school or bridge, etc. at their last end, or before perhaps, which is no otherwise than to steal a goose, and stick down a feather, rob a thousand to relieve ten; and those hospitals so built and maintained, not by collections, benevolences, donaries, for a set number, (as in ours,) just so many and no more at such a rate, but for all those who stand in need, be they more or less, and that ex publico aerario [at the public expense], and so still maintained, non nobis solum nati sumus, [we are not born ourselves alone] etc. (100)

327 years after Burton wrote the Anatomy, England established the NHS. So I guess we only have around 300 years to wait for one stateside.

Public healthcare and hospitals are not that fun to draw, so I drew this quote from a few pages back:

Verjuice and oatmeal is good for a parrot. (95)

Speaking of health, I will be taking a brief hiatus from the blog because my kid is sick and so am I. Nothing serious, but bad enough that I need to focus on him for now, and drawing has become impossible. Back soon!

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