A Portrait of The Internet

A drawing of how I feel about The Internet. I  miss the days when it was mostly cats. I guess the trolls ate the cats, and now I don’t like to go there anymore.

I was recently reading Jia Tolentino’s essay collection Trick Mirror, and there is an essay in there that really helped me understand trolls for the first time. I will dig up the quote later though, because sadly I had to return the book to the library. It was drastically overdue.

Does it help to understand trolls? I guess it does, because I like to understand things. I still don’t like them, but I am sorry they are so sad.

I do my best to interact with The Internet in a positive way, meaning I mostly just use it for this website, Instagram, and connecting with people  who like whatever it is I do here. But it’s weird how that takes a lot of work (I am constantly changing all my settings and blocking things that may or may not be people), and the default is more like this picture.

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