IFdrawaweek Circles.jpg

Once again, I am trying to “win” an Instagram “contest.” Or in Instagram-speak, I am trying to get another account to feature something from my account and tag me so that I get two or three more followers, which would be nice because every time I post an Anatomy of Melancholy illustration over there I lose four or five followers.

The whole follower thing makes me sort of uncomfortable, mostly because the word “follower” makes me think of cults, and also I don’t really understand Instagram standard practice yet, like should I really follow back all my followers, just to be nice, even if said “follower” is more like an ad for acne cream? I did not follow back the acne cream, and it unfollowed me. I feel okay about that.

But anyhow, if I get a bunch of followers, then there may be some hope for, like, selling this stuff at some point, which would be cool. Therefore, I try to get curated accounts to feature my stuff. They never do, because my drawings seem to fall into a no-man’s land of too weird to be normal, but not weird/gross/bad enough to be true lowbrow art.

But anyways… If you have an Instagram account, do me a favor and “like” this picture over there. The theme was circles. So see? I drew some circles. With teeth. I am so sure I will win.

Of course I would prefer that you actually, really like in in real life too.


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