Comments, Facebook, and so on



So I am using WordPress to make this bloggity blog blog thing because I never took any computer classes in college, which was a terrible life choice.

A few people have mentioned/complained to me that one cannot comment on my blog without logging in with WordPress, Facebook, or some other sites that I have never even heard of. Not true! You can comment on my posts without providing any information whatsoever. A little form asking for your name and email will pop up, but you can leave it blank or write in Sir Edmund Hillary ( for all I care. Your comment will still post! You do have to log in to “Like” things, but words are better anyhow. I like words.

If you prefer to have all your silly internet business in one place, I made a clumsy but passable Facebook page for the site: If you “Follow” that page, posts from my site will show up in your “Feed.” You know what other page you should follow while you’re at it? The Bat World Sanctuary: Because your facebook feed probably needs more bat photos.

Thank goodness that’s over with. Thank you for all the comments and encouragement so far!!!!!!

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