LIST: Famous Actors Who Once Appeared in Unsolved Mysteries Reenactments


1. Matthew McConaughey: Episode 141 (Season 5, Episode 12)
2. Daniel Dae Kim: Episode 169 (Season 6, Episode 5)
3. Cheryl Hines: Episode 278 (Season 9, Episode 15)

Link to Matthew McConaughey’s segment here but fyi I think this particular unsolved mystery is really kind of disturbing even when delivered via a cheesy reenactment starring the “alright alright alright” guy from Dazed and Confused. It is now a solved mystery, thank heavens. I couldn’t find clips of Daniel Dae Kim or Cherl Hines, but the entire original series is streaming for free via Amazon Prime right now, so you can look up the episode and watch it there if you are a crazed fan or something.

I watch a lot of Unsolved Mysteries, because it is really a very fine show. It makes me feel like an early nineties kid again. More specifically, it makes me feel like an early nineties kid who stayed up too late watching Unsolved Mysteries and now can’t fall asleep because she is convinced that El Chupacabra and Marilyn Monroe’s ghost are hiding under the bed arguing over who gets to suck the stuffing out of her teddy bear. It’s a good feeling. But anyhow, I have re-watched almost the entire series as an adult because I am AWESOME. I doze off occasionally, but I am pretty sure that Matthew McConaughey, Daniel Dae Kim, and Cheryl Hines are the only famous actors that appear in reenactments in the original series with Robert Stack. I am so glad that I am using my life to do very worthwhile things like this. Henry Rollins is in an episode too but as himself and not a murderer/ghost/acquaintance of victim/etc.

My daughter stared at this drawing a long time and said, somberly, “I wish the teddy bear couldn’t be scared.”


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    1. Woah awesome! I don’t remember that one so well. Is he himself? Or a re-enactor? I keep meaning to update this post, because Bon Jovi is in an episode too (as himself.)

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