Social Media: or, I think the Internet is trying to break up with me


This is a drawing of how the Internet has been making me feel lately. Yes, I am the teacup monster. I am not everyone’s cup of tea.

So there used to be a longer post here, but I took it down. To be honest, I wrote it thinking that only my mom, husband, and a few writer/creative type friends would see it, because that’s generally who reads these posts. But then a lot of people started reading it, like A LOT. It made me feel weird. Usually I’m thrilled if a lot of people read one of my posts, but that one was different.

So anyhow, if you liked it, let me know. Maybe I will put it back up. But I guess I got worried that it could be misunderstood as a pathetic plea for Facebook and Instagram “likes” or something. I hope no one took it that way, but yeah, I’m neurotic, so it is down for now.


Here, once again, are the social media accounts for the site: devon_isadevon on Instagram and Master of Literature on Facebook.


  1. Keep up your great work!!! I am so impressed with your ambition, don’t ever give it up. I will start reading “Anatomy” aloud to Max and Honey Thunder, pictures with cats and mice, please ;;

  2. I very much like your good and fun drawings. I don’t plan on joining Instagram, so please don’t forget about Facebook completely.

  3. I love your writing (but must admit I don’t always have the attention span to get to the end) AND I love your drawings – they always make me smile and they sum up your writings – which is good for those of us who don’t have the attention span while on FB. Keep doing what you’re doing… and more cats are always nice:)

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