330 — Pt. I, Sec. 2, Mem. III, Subsect. 15 — Love of Learning, or overmuch Study. With a Digression of the Misery of Scholars, and why the Muses are Melancholy (Overmuch Study) (Again Again)

“For my part, though I be not worthy perhaps to carry Alexander’s books… but I replied still with Alexander, that I had enough, and more peradventure than I deserved… I had as lief be still Democritus Junior, and privus privatus, si mihi jam daretur optio, quam talis fortasse doctor, talis dominus [an obscure individual, if I had the choice, than a doctor of divinity or a bishop].”

I really liked this bit, considering myself a privus privatus and obscure individual as well. Nothing wrong with a little humility. I do think Robert Burton was worthy of substantially more than just carrying Alexander’s books, but it is true that history mostly forgot one while lionizing the other.

This post is part of a long, tedious, and very illustrated read-along of Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy. More info here and follow along on Facebook here. Illustrations posted via devon_isadevon on Instagram.


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