Anatomy of Melancholy, 159-160: Subsect. VII – Of the Inward Senses, cont., cont.

A of M 160 Shark

So the three inward senses are memory, phantasy, and common sense. I already drew phantasy and memory, and I guess this is a drawing of the common sense shark.

This common sense is judge or moderator of the rest, by whom we discern all differences of objects.

Are you scared of sharks? I would be (much) more afraid of people if I were you. On average, sharks kill six humans per year in unprovoked attacks. Meanwhile approximately 100,000,000 sharks are killed by humans every year. So… I’d say the humans are winning. Some days I would prefer not to be one. It is extra sad that researchers have to make a distinction between “provoked” and “unprovoked” shark attacks. Who is out there antagonizing sharks? Stupid humans. I think we can safely call those 100,000,000 human attacks unprovoked.

ps – Please do not ever eat shark fin soup. I try not to be a sanctimonious asshat, but please, do not eat or buy shark fins. The shark fin industry is really appallingly cruel.

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