Bloogs Blowing By


I drew this for my larger gremlin, who has been having a hard time falling asleep. She says her brain makes her think bad thoughts and that then she can’t sleep, which is just super duper sad. So, I have been trying to find other things for her to think about while she falls asleep, and so far thinking about Oh, the Thinks You Can Think by Dr. Seuss has helped a little. She asked me to draw some bloogs blowing by to hang on her wall – to help her fall asleep – so I did. Copying your influences is a time-honored way to improve your skills, I think?

Who are your artistic influences? My top five are probably:

1) William Blake

2) Leonora Carrington

3) Edward Gorey

4) Gyo Fujikawa

5) Dr. Seuss

But ask me tomorrow and the list will be different. I like Victoria Chess quite a lot too.

Oh, and here is the original:


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