LIST: Unsolved Mysteries Episodes Featuring Chairs


  1. The Chair of Death: Season 10, Episode 5
  2. Comedy Store Ghosts: Season 4, Episode 21 

So Busby’s Chair, aka the Chair of Death: If you sit in Busby’s Chair, you die. Of course everyone dies eventually, so that’s a real fail-safe of a legend, isn’t it? Busby’s Chair is in a museum in England or something. I don’t totally remember.

The Comedy Store is a famous comedy club in Los Angeles. A lot of comedians who performed there have since died, like most people do at some point. Comedians usually die sooner than regular people, but anyhow. Apparently if you are a server at the Comedy Club, and you very carefully set up the tables and chairs and then leave the room… When you come BACK, they will be stacked in big piles. IF you really do work there, this might happen to you once. And it is definitely not at all your co-workers messing with you. Neither is it your manager orchestrating a pretty half-assed publicity stunt. Nope. It’s ghosts, and worse than that, it’s COMEDIANS’ ghosts. RUN NOW.

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