Anatomy of Melancholy, 219-221 – Pt. I, Sec. 2, Mem. II, Subs. 1 – Bad Diet a Cause. Substance. Quality of Meats (continued)

A of M 219-220

Much like meat, fish are generally bad news for the melancholic:

Rhasis and Magninus discommend all fish, and say they breed viscosities, slimy nutriment, little and humorous nourishment.

On the finer points, there is much disagreement over “fumadoes, red-herrings, sprats, stock-fish, haberdine, poor-john, all shellfish.” And what do you know, “Messarius commends salmon, which Bruerinus contradicts” and “Carp is a fish of which I know not what to determine.” Well shucks, what’s a pescatarian to do?

Well, don’t eat eels on the solstice, that’s for sure: “All physicians detest them, especially about the solstice.” And beware of solitary living and seafood. It’s a bad combination: “[P. Forestus] exemplifies it with an instance of one Buscodnese, a Carthusian of a ruddy colour, and well liking, that by solitary living and fish-eating became so misaffected.”

So what did I learn today? If you must eat slimy nutriment, make sure it is carp raised in a “sweet” pond and not a muddy one, or you can take a chance on salmon. Hopefully this Messarius guy was right about salmon, because I like salmon. Do not eat eels. Absolutely no eels under any circumstances. I cannot emphasize this enough. Also never, ever eat any kind of seafood by yourself. Invite some friends over and avoid the consequent lonely moping.

Now on to herbs and vegetals.

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