Send me your theories


When I was in school, undergrad and grad, I had a very hard time paying attention. I drew a lot of pictures. In so doing, I discovered that it is really fun to illustrate abstract theoretical terms. Here is a picture of deconstruction, for example. Deconstruction is a school of criticism in literary studies. It means… nevermind. Look at the picture.

Are you currently or have you ever pursued an advanced degree in any field? Please send me theoretical terms from your field so that I can draw pictures of them. I will post the pictures here for you to see.


You can email me (, comment here, or use the clunky contact form on the website.



    1. Ok I read this too fast before and saw “technical” rather “theoretical.” So scratch differentiation, because that’s very practical, and replace with language acquisition device. 🙂

      1. Me too! Did Devon give us the old switchawordaroo? TLB is pretty technical and concrete (basically anything but the most specialized processors have them).

        Sooo, how about “Log-space transducer” for something theoretical. Practically draws itself!

      2. Too late! Differentiation will be up soon, but I can do this one too.
        And nope, no switcheroo, but I’ll take technical jargon as well. Anything abstract, impractical, and/or difficult to understand 🙂

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