Anatomy of Melancholy, 179: Pt. I, Sec. 2, Mem. I, Subsect. 2: A Digression of the Nature of Spirits, Bad Angels, or Devils, and how they cause Melancholy

J.F.C. This prayer is everything. It is nothing. It is the reason Christianity is F’d. It is the reason the western world is F’d. Its horrifyingly circular perfection is the reason everything will continue to be F’d until we consume ourselves with dysfunction. I could have written a novel on this prayer, but other far more talented people already have. So instead, a few sentences with too many F-words…

Sorry but it’s been a long week, a long month, and a long effing 2016-2020 presidential term, and now we are going to ask teachers to carry effing guns in our schools, because that is a sign of a totally healthy society. Tomorrow I will try to be funny again.

This post is part of a long, tedious, and very illustrated read-along of Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy. More info here and follow along on Facebook here. Illustrations posted via devon_isadevon on Instagram.

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