Anatomy of Melancholy, 149: Similar Parts



Containing Parts, by reason of their more solid substance, are either homogeneal or heterogeneal, similar or dissimilar… Similar, or homogeneal, are such as, if they be divided, are still severed into parts of the same nature, as water into water. Of these some be spermatical, some fleshy or carnal. Spermatical are such as are immediately begotten of the seed, which are bones, gristles, ligaments, membranes, nerves, arteries, veins, skins, fibres or strings, fat.

Well, at least I made it off page 148, eh? But this section is rough. It is just anatomy. Antiquated, weird anatomy. I know some people are into that, but I really prefer the philosophical rants against mankind. Well, I said I would read the whole thing, so I am reading the whole thing. Here is a picture of some similar parts at a cocktail party. At least Burton used the word “spermatical” in this section, so that is kind of funny I guess.

A (to me) boring section + my older kid starts summer vacation this week + younger kid not sleeping = not the best drawings or ideas. Bear with me while I slog through the next week or two…


This post is part of a long, tedious, and very illustrated read-along of Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy – more info here and follow along on Facebook here. Illustrations posted via devon_isadevon on Instagram.



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